Science On Demand

Through Agave's apps service you have access to over 600 of today's top plant biology applications on the latest HPC and Cloud systems. Working the way you love to work, now at a larger scale with Agave.



Worried about the growing usage at your site? So are we, that's why we designed Agave to scale out to the cloud so we can handle your growth together.


Distributed Data Done Right

There are plenty of great things you could be doing with your time. Waiting for your data to transfer isn't one of them. Agave takes the headache out of data management by providing you unlimited storage on the nation's top network.


Plays Well With Others

Agave is RESTful, responsive, and reliable. Just the thing you need when integrating the services of today to create the applications of tomorrow.


Backbone Not Backdoor

Agave is a first-class citizen in today's HPC infrastructure. You can count on it to stay current even as the underlying systems change.


Always Eventful

You will never miss a single event when you integrate with Agave. That's because Agave's messaging system ensures that every event reaches its destination every time.

"Switching to Agave from our home grown scripts allowed us to speed up our research tremendously. A week of work saved us months of frustration and we were able to publish a year ahead of schedule."

Bonnie H.

Quick Start Guide

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Sign up for a user account and register your application to get your client API keys. Accounts are free and you can register as many apps as you need. The only limit is your own imagination.

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Download Client SDK

No need to roll your own code. Jump start your integration by downloading our client SDK in your language of choice, or download one of our CMS plugins to add drag and drop functionality into your existing website.
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Start Creating

You will have questions along the way. That’s why we created our QuickStart series, advanced tutorials, and live API documentation to help you find answers to your questions.
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